Janelle + Darryl

Alaska Glacier Elopement

Janelle + Darryl are quite possibly one of the sweetest couples ever. Janelle is actually from Alaska which is so cool. But before I dive into the couple, dress + details, I want to share a little about this jaw-dropping location. This location was easily one of my favorites from the entire trip. In the background is a glacier!! It was the first time I had ever seen a glacier in person before. In the photos below you will see the small waterfall to the right of the glacier which is actually the melting glacier water (insane!!). The melted glacier water was super pretty and a little cloudy but with an aqua hue. 10/10.

Janelle's dress is by Reclamation Station (link below) and absolutely blew me away. The lace detail was STUNNING. I loved the deep v-cut + relaxed sleeves. It was 100% bohemian + I was 100% a fan. Definitely check out this designer! Bixby and Pine did all of the styling and created such a beautiful and unique feel. Back to Janelle + Darryl, their love for one another was so evident --- this is one reason why eloping is so special. You + your person get an incredible experience completely centered around YOU. There are no distractions --- just the two of you exploring this beautiful world + vowing your love for one another.

Enjoy these pics of Janelle + Darryl!

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