Ange + Ray

Chilly Oregon Coast Engagement Session

Ange + Ray reached out to me in the fall last year about wanting an adventurous engagement session in one of their favorite places in Oregon! There is no question, this is now one of my favorite places in Oregon as well. Tucked away on the border of California and Oregon, the small town of Brookings has beautiful and diverse locations for both an engagement session and an elopement. And to my surprise, in the middle of July it was still 50 degrees! It was a nice break from the Oklahoma heat from the past few months. And even though the location was beautiful, getting to know Ange + Ray’s hearts and story was wayyyy more exciting to me. Ange + Ray both are kind, genuine people. It’s not every day you meet two amazing creatives who are in love! They also brought along their super cute doggo, Lilo! :) Anyone who knows me know pups are always welcome at any couples session, elopement or wedding! So I was super excited that Lilo got to be a part of their engagements. Below are a few of my favorite photos from their adventure engagement session:

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