Alexis + Austin

Intimate Outer Banks Beach Wedding

Austin + Alexis’ story was such a privilege to capture. Like many couples who were planning on getting married this year, their big day looked a little different than they originally planned. There was supposed to be over 100 guests and the wedding was going to be at a venue in the Outer Banks. However condensing their guest list to under 25 guests, (the guests being basically family only) and switching the venue to a beautiful airbnb, made their wedding intimate and even more special. Both of their families were just the sweetest and made my husband and I feel like apart of the crew. Even fighting the odds with being able to have this intimate wedding with COVD-19 happening, we are also fighting a 90% chance of rain. You would never know from the photos that it was supposed to rain at all — except a few of the bride and groom portraits. The beautiful reception set up ended up getting rained on but considering the odds, we were all pretty okay with just the reception getting some rain! It was overall a beautiful day for a deeply in love couple. It sounds cheesy but sometimes I genuinely have to pinch myself to realize this amazing job is what I get to do for a living.

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