Minimalist Inspired Details for a Unique Wedding

I want to start this blog with saying I am a full time photographer, not a full time wedding planner haha! :) My point of view comes from a place of finding what makes my brides happy! I have a wide range of styles amongst my brides which I think is the coolest. I love how the wedding industry has brides with a wide variety of styles —- bohemian, classic, vintage, eclectic, and minimal. If you are having a difficult time articulating what kind of style you want your wedding to be, I always say the style of your wedding can be seen as an extension of your personal style. I personally love the minimalist style. It’s simple and yet SO beautiful. As beautiful as large floral arrangements are, if that’s not your style, the minimalist approach may be more for you. The wedding planner who did design and plan everything in these photo is here(and she’s amazing!) and floral is here. Make sure to check out all the details & feel free to use it as inspiration as you plan your own wedding!

  1. Wedding Planner: TGC Events

    Floral: Mood Fleuriste

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