Tennessee + Collin

Mossy Alaska Anniversary Shoot

Tennessee + Collin are the definition of a fun couple. First of all, her name is Tennessee. Like how freaking cool is that. It definitely reminded me of the NEEDTOBREATHE song “Girl Named Tennessee” —— if you haven’t heard of it you should def check it out. ANYWAY. Collin is actually a singer + you can find him on Spotify as Collin Hauser! His song Blackbird is so so good. But regardless of how cool this couple is, we truly did have so much fun together.

And can we talk about this vibrant Alaska moss??? Um I wish I could shoot here every day. It was absolutely stunning and I was really blown away by the Alaska summer weather. It actually had rained on and off throughout this day but it did end up clearing up a little for this shoot. We ended the shoot on the road —— those were some of my favorite shots too. But here are some of my favs:

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