Kylie + Thad

Romantic Salt Flats Elopement

This day was seriously one of the craziest days. All wedding + elopement photographers know almost nothing ever goes to plan. However, I am continually shocked when things don’t go to plan haha! The drive to the flats was about 2.5 hours and on the way up, I felt super confident about how things were going to go… until we showed up and the salt flats were 1000% flooded. And it was pretty cold outside… but because it’s the salt flats, the water on the salt doesn’t freeze at freezing. So who knows what the temperature of the water really was. I kind of panicked because Kylie + Thad were going to have to walk through a ton of water to get to a dry spot. Thankfully, Kylie and Thad were totally chill and were fine with walking through the extremely cold water in wedding attire.

But the flooding ended up creating some extremely unique photos for Kylie + Thad. I thought it would be cool to get some reflection shots and right when we were wrapping up, I saw the moonrise. And no joke, this is the prettiest moonrise I’ve ever seen. The sunset + moonrise happening at the same time was absolutely EPIC. I an so thankful for these sweet humans allowing me to capture them in the freezing water!! Here are a few of my favorites:

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