Ciaran + Thatcher

Utah Skater Vibes

I just got back from Utah and... omg I love that state. Seriously, it is so gorgeous there. And maybe I'm freaking out because I was born and raised in North Texas where it is SUPER flat lol and then I moved to Oklahoma which isn't much different. But seriously, snow cap mountains everywhere. I loved it. But this shoot isn't necessarily showing off the beautiful landscape of Utah BUT these beautiful people were fabulous.

I loved the casual vibes of this shoot. We went to an area near Utah Lake that has a huge collection of vintage signs. I was a little obsessed with the entire vibe of everything. Aubree Belle Photography coordinated everything for this shoot and absolutely killed it. If I were to go back to SLC, I would def hit up this location again because there was an entire other side to this collection of signs but that side of the collection wasn't open in the morning! Fav part of this location --- peep the statue of Elvis in the black rock pictures lol. So good.

Ciaran + Thatcher are so so cute and you can see Ciaran was so fun to work with in the pictures. She had a very playful personality which made the shoot even more fun! I want to do more shoots like this back home --- super relaxed + playful but also a little unique. Here's a few of my favs:

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