Addi + Coby

Winter Engagement in Oklahoma City

Addi + Coby —— Where to start?? Before Addi + Coby booked me for their wedding, Addi and I met for coffee and had the best time getting to know each other. I knew from our first meeting that we were going to be a great fit for each other. Naturally, I was super excited for their engagements and to meet Coby! We planned to have their engagements at The Baumberhof in OKC (also their wedding venue), which is one of the most beautiful venues in ALLLL of Oklahoma. When I arrived for the engagements and started chatting with them, they let me know they were a little nervous to spend the next 90 minutes or so in front of the camera —— and tbh 99% of the couples I shoot are the exact same way. I always LOVE when couples tell me they are nervous because then I let them in on my little secret —- I absolutely hate having my photos taken haha!

I personally feel super uncomfortable with a camera in my face. But I love when couples share if they are nervous or unsure about how things will be before engagements because I 1000% understand the feeling. With that said, I also feel like I know how to help a couple feel really comfortable as a result.

But literally…. Addi and Coby were SUCH naturals. I mean really —— you would have no idea they weren’t an Instagram model couple if I didn’t tell you. Their love for one another and true joy is the star of the show and I am absolutely honored to have captured their engagements. Check out my favorites below:

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